Potting On

Stage 1 - After the seedling has developed it’s second set of leaves, carefully prick it out of the compost and place into a 10cm or 4 inch pot.

Take care not to damage the roots system or stem. Keep the seedlings on a bright south facing windowsill, plant house, conservatory or heated greenhouse. Keep up the watering, making sure the compost doesn’t dry out completely. Keep the seedlings away from frost if unprotected.

Stage 2 - (optional) - We need to re-house the seedlings again. When the plants reach about 3-6 inches tall, they need to be pricked out again and put in larger pots.

Stage 3 - Now we need to move the plants to their more permanent home. Harden the plants off by moving them outside during the warmer part of the day and then bring them in at night. When all chance, of frost has gone (mid April) leave them in a bright sunny position. Somewhere around a 9 inch pot is called for now. Chilli plants can be planted in pots, containers or alternatively, plant two to three plants per grow bag.

Water little and often to keep the soil evenly moist, avoiding water logging and drought. Peppers naturally branch into two or more stems with a flower bud at the joint. To encourage side shoots on slow-growing plants, pinch out shoots at 30cm (1ft). Staking is needed for high yielding plants and those grown in grow