CGN 16941 Chilli Seeds (c.sp)
CGN 16941 Chilli Seeds (c.sp)
South Lincs Chilli Boys

CGN 16941 Chilli Seeds (c.sp)

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Thought to be a natural cross between c.annuum and c.chinense.  Originally from Brazil.  Some list this as a c.annuum. The plant grows to about 60-90 cm tall and has multiply stems.  Initially the fruits grow erect on the plant, but as they grow, the weight of the fruits makes them hang.  Fruits ripen from green to red and have thick skins.  Although a wild pepper, the fruits don't often fall from the plant. Fruits are very hot indeed.

A must for any lover of wilds chillies.  A very productive plant, with useable fruits.

The CGN classification system for chilli varieties indicates an accession from the independent research unit at Wageningen, The Netherlands.  The chilli has no name and is known only by this indexing number.

10 Seeds approximately per pack.

Our seeds are mainly open pollinated, natures way. Occasionally accidental crosses occur.

All of our seeds are from fruits grown by us.  All of our photographs are photographs of our own fruit and subject to copyright.

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