Gigante Rojo Brazilian F2 Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)
Gigante Rojo Brazilian F2 Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)
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Gigante Rojo Brazilian F2 Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)

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Probably more correctly named, Gigante Vermelho Brasileiro, in Portuguese.  These are a stunning cross with the Brazilian chilli known as CGN 21500.  These are F2 seeds.  These produce large, very productive plants, around 140-150 cm tall.  Fruits ripen from a mid green, with purple (anthocyanin) on the shoulders to orange and finally a glossy red.  Often fruits display two or three different colours as they ripen.  Fruits are around 6 x 3.5 cm and the flowers are white.  Great tasting fruits on an incredibly productive plant!  

10 Seeds approximately per pack.
Heat of 6 out of 10
Our seeds are mainly open pollinated, natures way. Occasionally accidental crosses occur.

This is a potentially unstable cross. As with all new crosses, there is a chance of variations in fruit colour, size, shape, and texture.

All of our seeds are from fruits grown by us.  All of our photographs are photographs of our own fruit and subject to copyright.

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