Montufar Chilli Seeds (PI 585273) (c.pubescens)
Montufar Chilli Seeds (PI 585273) (c.pubescens)
Montufar Chilli Seeds (PI 585273) (c.pubescens)
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Montufar Chilli Seeds (PI 585273) (c.pubescens)

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Originally from Montufar, Ecuador.  These plants produce a mass of large fruits which ripen from dark green to red.  If you can manage to overwinter your plant, they produce even better in successive years. Fruits are hot. Seeds are dark brown or black.

The PI number, simply refers to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Index number under which the variety is listed.

10 Seeds approximately per pack.
Heat of 4 out of 10
Our seeds are mainly open pollinated, natures way. Occasionally accidental crosses occur.

All of our seeds are from fruits grown by us.  All of our photographs are photographs of our own fruit and subject to copyright.

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