Mystico White Flowered F3 Seed (c.baccatum)
Mystico White Flowered F3 Seed (c.baccatum)
Mystico White Flowered F3 Seed (c.baccatum)
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Mystico White Flowered F3 Seed (c.baccatum)

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Another amazing cross from Jay Northall, in the UK.  This cross is a Blue flowered Mystery x Salvatico.  Exciting as both  parents are wild or semi-wild varieties.  Fruits ripen from a dark green to a red colour.  Fruits are prolific and vary from  small spherical shapes to a more bullet shaped.  Fruits are a really nice instant ,medium heat, with thin skin and are nice and crunchy.  Plants this year produced both baccatum style white and green flowers and a lesser quantity of purple and green flowers, on the same plants!  The even more amazing feature of this plant is that the fruits have the unmistakable aroma and taste of a c.chinense.  Mind blown!  

These can be quite early to fruit, and ripen quickly. Plants can grow to 160 cm tall and 160 cm wide or more.  Branches get quite leggy, but manage without support.  Very easy to grow plants, that thrive on partial neglect.  The purple and green flowered variety is also available separately.

10 Seeds approximately per pack. 

Our seeds are mainly open pollinated, natures way. Occasionally accidental crosses occur.

This is a potentially unstable cross breed. As with all new crosses, there is a chance of variations in fruit colour, size, shape, and texture.

All of our seeds are from fruits grown by us.  All of our photographs are photographs of our own fruit and subject to copyright.

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