Yaki Chocolate Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)
Yaki Chocolate Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)
Yaki Chocolate Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)
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Yaki Chocolate Chilli Seeds (c.chinense)

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A natural variation or utterly incredible accidental cross?  The original Yaki Blue was a cross between the ornamental Filus Blue and a Bhut Jolokia.  This later produced a natural variation named the Yaki Blue (Fawn).  Now this has emerged.  The fruits display strong, obvious links to their Bhut Jolokia heritage.  Fruits taper to a nice point and are a great shade of brown.  If left longer on the plant they deepen significantly in colour.  Limited seed stock of another exclusive!  

10 Seeds approximately per pack.

Our seeds are mainly open pollinated, natures way. Occasionally accidental crosses occur.

This is a potentially unstable cross bread. As with all new crosses, there is a chance of variations in fruit colour, size, shape, and texture.

All of our seeds are from fruits grown by us.  All of our photographs are photographs of our own fruit and subject to copyright.

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